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Photo: ESA

“The next human on the Moon will be the result of an international effort” (James Carpenter, ESA)

The European Space Agency (ESA) is preparing a possible lunar mission campaign envisaging robotic access to the Moon during the 2020's to prepare for future human missions. The implementation of this campaign - within the framework of the European Space Exploration Envelope Programme (E3P) - is subject to decisions at the ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial level planned for December 2019. Campaign missions may be categorised as:

  • Missions of Opportunity, where European payloads respond to flight opportunities made available by the private sector or international partners.
  • Directed missions, where European payloads are contributed to missions which are defined and driven by ESA, alone or with international partners, to achieve a predefined set of objectives.

 Find out more on: http://exploration.esa.int/moon/60922-lunar-mission-campaign/

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